Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Most Elegant Gingerbread House

This is the most elegant gingerbread house I have ever seen. Also looks like the most difficult one to make. I'm definitely not at this level - nor will be anytime soon, but I can still admire it. If you're incredibly patient and artistically talented, detailed instructions are here. If you want to have a baking party and invite me - I will watch you do it with complete awe and admiration.

If you admire a well designed gingerbread house and would like to check it off your "things to do before I get too old" list, but can't get the guts to try it on your own, Sur La Table in Portland is hosting a Gingerbread Decorating Party on December 12th. Although the point is to let the sweet tooth in you have the time of its life, with the help of guided professionals and all the right tools at your fingertips, your gingerbread house might turn out to be something admirable too.

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