Saturday, December 25, 2010

Fabulous baby back ribs

(Recipe and picture c/o Food Network)

I served these phenomenal baby back ribs to my family for Christmas eve dinner and everyone loved them including my mom, who is an amazing cook and tough food critic.  Bought the ribs from Albertsons, and two slabs were more than enough for my hungry company of seven. They are fun to make and absolutely delicious.  Although I couldn't get the braising liquid to become thick, and just ended up pouring it on thin - the ribs turned out very tender and juicy.  My favorite part is that they were in the oven hours before the family arrived so I had time to make other deliciousness like glazed carrots and orange-scented green beans without any stress.

In fact they were so good, I made them the next morning for lunch with the in-laws.

Definitely a keeper - will make them again.

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