Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We are the Millennials

A while back, I was driving in the car, listening to OPB Radio and learned that I am a "Millennial."
Every generation is labelled with a certain culture and is identified to have certain values. These labels or observations about a certain generation shape how future generations see them - in history books, study of pop culture, etc. I am fascinated with how we, the current twentysomethings, or the "millennials" are perceived and understood. What are the trends happening within our peers? What challenges are we facing? How are others understanding our generation? What will we make of how we are being perceived? What are we going to accomplish? And what are we going to be most remembered for?

All of these are questions that fascinate me and I enjoy reading any articles that speak about us. Some of my favorites include:

Pew Research Centers look at the Millennials - Confident, Connected, Open to Change. Information in this article is based on research, and as with all research, interpretation usually speaks louder than the numbers themselves. Some standouts in this article - 52% of millennials say "being a good parent" is important to them, higher than any other category of importance.

USA Today reported that Millennials are increasingly spiritual, but less religious. Church attendance of millennials continues to drop, and if trends continue, many churches will be closing in the future. Some churches are considering alternative methods of reaching millennials. What will churches look like when millennials are the ones leading them? How are our values regarding religion and spirituality influencing culture?

Fascinating results from research about people our age. Does any of this resonate with you? Agree with it, disagree? How does this information influence your decisions? Anything else you notice about our generation and how we think/operate?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Question: Feelings towards work

Is it better to feel passionate about your work and go through intense moments of love and hate towards the work


Is it better to have a job that is decent that you neither love nor hate, but can bear to do?

Are there other alternatives? How do you feel about YOUR job?

I may have some thoughts on this but I was curious to hear other peoples opinions.
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