Friday, June 26, 2009

June Reflection

The end of June already? Incredible! These past two months have been a time of joyous transition that inevitably made me lose all sense of time - but I don't mind :) I've gotten married (wedding planning stress no more!) and began building our new home with my wonderful husband. We've had a lot of fun visiting Home Depot and seeing our garage sale purchases finding their perfect fit in our apartment. Of course, its only been 2 weeks since our wedding - we still have a lot to do (anyone know where to find a sweet entry/console table?), but we are satisfied with what we have. We are definitely looking forward to entertaining our friends at our home and practicing the wonderful art of hospitality!

On another note - today, I was pondering what to make for brunch with the limited groceries that lay in my fridge. We had a lot of leftover pita bread from the wedding that I figured I might as well use. I was craving a sandwich - and behold a pita sandwich was born. It turned out quite delicious I must say :) Here's the details of what I used - but do experiment! (and let me know how yours turns out!)

-1 slice of pita bread
-Lightly spread pita bread with Mayo
-Generously shred cheese on pita bread
-add 2-3 peices of sandwich turkey ham (or your fave meat)
-Microwave for 25 seconds for cheese to melt
-Add your fave veggies, mine were: cucumbers, tomatoes & lettuce.
-Fold up the pita bread into a taco/wrap style and walla!

Delicious, quick & easy - just the way I like it!

And now, back to the laundry.. :)
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