Sunday, September 27, 2009

Time Capsule

My younger brother is taking an AP Psychology class from the same teacher I took Psychology from in 2004. As my brother was telling me about all the cool things he's learning in that class, I began remembering all the great activities of self-exploration and introspection that we did in that class. I also remembered the letter we wrote to ourselves that we were to receive 10 years later. Of course being the patient person that I am, I asked my brother to ask the teacher if I could get my letter a little early.

Yes, yes, it was cheating, and I could have possibly ruined the surprise of the total effect the letter was supposed to have on me - but my curiosity won (after all, I did win the Curiosity Life Skill award in 7th grade :P).

In a few days, my brother gave me the letter, and as I was driving with my husband, I tore open the letter and began reading. The letter, written with my 16-year-old perspective of life to my future self, was quite the experience. It was incredible seeing all the many milestones that I have already reached, some exactly as I predicted!

I met the marriage goal right on target, and am on a good start towards being healthier with my food choices (believe it or not, but at the time I wrote this letter to myself, I could not imagine driving past Carls Jr. without stopping for a spicy chicken...and only until this past year have I been able to resist 95% of the time! This is huge for me!)

Dreams of living the gospel and being on fire for Jesus reign true today. Of course I'm not a missionary overseas as I imagined, but local missions is more than satisfying. I may not be living in a house that is perfect for parties, but the parties in our community are always abundant and beautiful.

Of course there are some more interesting ones which we will see what will happen...will I publish a book or any sort of writing? Will I have 3 girls and 2 boys? Will I adopt?

In any case, it is interesting how many goals are coming true, but manifesting themselves in ways that are different than I imagined at 16. I am definitely thankful to God for the road he has led me on and am excited for the road that is to come!

P.S. I put the note in a safe place and will check back on it in 5 more years.
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