Monday, December 6, 2010

Perfect Pair of Trousers

They say a diamond is a girls best friend, but I would argue that for the working girl, a pair of flattering and comfortable trousers are far more valuable.

Seriously, how difficult does it have to be to find the perfect pair of work pants? They are always either too long, too short, too loose or too tight. Men have the blessing of finding their perfect fit by combining two sizes - us ladies only one. Tailoring dress pants is fine, but there is something extremely satisfying when trying on a pair of pants and when looking in the mirror seeing exactly what you want to see, no alterations needed. Its magical and I would argue that it increases motivation and consequently productivity.

Have you found your perfect dress pant?

I found mine, and now I understand why, some people have multiples of the same item. I may have to get these pants in different colors because heaven knows how hard it is to find something that fits right.

And thank you to the wonderfully kind and patient woman at Ann Taylor Loft who helped me find this treasure.

Ann Taylor Loft - Marisa Modern Trouser Leg w/ Stretch 2P


Glenda 2010 said...

This trousers are only available in special stores; and can be bought in yards so that you can make your own camo trousers, or it can be bought in certain outdoor retail stores in the types of clothing that you need. It is interesting because it has several layers, and with each layer, it has a different procedure or step. Sounds like it would be difficult to construct, but when it gets down to it; it's a rather simple task.

dickies trousers

zahir123 said...

Expert cutting, indeed. Maybe the two of you should get together, Rickie, and see where the fabric takes you.
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