Saturday, December 4, 2010

Birthday Week Off to a Great Start

Today I celebrated the beginning of my birthday week with some much needed shopping. Technically, the day was supposed to be filled with task oriented type of shopping - you know, the basic mundane things of life like toothpaste and soap, but it quickly turned into something much more colorful.

As I was on my way to run these errands, I noticed Tigard high school was having a craft fair. I decided to stop by and see what all the excitement was about. It was a fundraiser for the school band and the cafeteria was filled with all kinds of vendors selling handcrafted items. There were even several jewelry vendors that caught my attention - which is pretty special because I am hard to please when it comes to the over-saturated market of handmade jewelry.

Then I got a call from a friend to go to the Holiday Bazaar at the Expo Center. First time at this expo and it proved to be useful. Met some awesome people doing great creative work, collected a couple business cards, ate some bacon jerky, and walked away with a super adorable purse.

Driving home I was tempted to stop by the mall and boy am I glad I did. Cozy sweaters at the Gap 50% off - yes please! I even bought a paper cutter for my paper crafts. This is what I call a holistic shopping spree.

Now I'm home with a cup of hot chocolate in hand, enjoying our pretty little Christmas tree all lit up and the soothing scent of pumpkin spice. Oh yes - happy birthday to me from me. Just the way I like it.

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Katie Bright said...

Sounds wonderful! :) And that purse is adorable!!!

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