Thursday, December 2, 2010

Confession: Why I Blog

Some of you may be wondering why I blog. Then let me tell you a story...

Last night, as I was falling asleep I was reflecting on how much fun I've had blogging and how closely it relates to my silly childhood dream.

You see, when I was a young girl I had this little dream - a dream to someday have my own media conglomerate under the guise Twinkle Maroon. In the secrecy of my room I would record tapes of myself reading the newspaper, creating news of my own imagination and recording songs on the radio combined with my commentary. Sometimes I would convince my brothers to be guests on the show. Sometimes I would invite my Barbie's to participate on the radio show. Other times, without even recording, I would take a random object in the house and explain what it is and try to sell it to the audience of my imagination. I would create stories about the object, usually beyond what the object was actually was. Obviously, it didn't take much to keep me entertained - this was my favorite past time.

Then as I got older and started enjoying magazines, I had a dream to start my own magazine. I conspired and even got as far as interviewing a student from the Art Institute of Portland to be a graphic designer for the magazine. But at 16, I didn't have the discipline nor the content to fulfill what I imagined the magazine would be. My vision was to create a magazine that was a cross section of all things local, combined with issues of faith and culture, primarily geared towards youth. It was supposed to be called Intersection. I had the design in my head, but didn't have the skill or encouragement to make it come to full fruition so the dream dwindled.

Now I'm an adult. I still remember my silly childhood dream, and although disillusioned by the concept of media conglomerates, thanks to my PSU media literacy courses, I still have the yearning to share things that seem interesting to me and to create stories. With the blog, I essentially can do what I have been doing throughout my childhood, but now I can share these things with the public in an easy, accessible way.

But the main reason for blogging, I realized as I was falling asleep last night, is to catalog sites and information that stands out to me in a given time. This month I have referred to several of my previous posts for my own information multiple times. Blogging is a great way to save links and the context of why they are of interest. It's also fun to see the progression of my interests - reflect on what was on my mind in the past and see how I will organize my life in the future. If someone gains something from it that is great - if not, I have gained from it. In a way, its a continuation of my childhood dream, but it is now actually useful in organizing my life.

And thus, I've had two strong months of blogging and I am excited to continue. I have a couple of plans on what I would like to blog about that might be even more beneficial to you, the reader. Sneak peek of the plan coming out this weekend!

Thanks for visiting and reading my blog, if you are finding it interesting and engaging, I am glad. Please comment on anything that stands out to you! If you are not, that's okay. I am still getting out of it what I would like.

Happy Thursday!

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