Monday, November 9, 2009

Biographies and Back to School

Taking a break from school to focus on wedding plans, married life, and work has been an incredible time and opportunity to enjoy the non-student side of life. Of course, working WITH students of all ages, I am definitely not too far from the school setting, I have just enjoyed the break from being the student. But nevertheless, I did not invest 2.5 years into college only to turn back from the significant paper they give at the end. After some deliberation and planning, I am nervously excited to return to school part-time in the Spring of 2010 and resume full-time in Fall 2010.

I admit. I am nervous. Its been a while since I've been in school and thought like a student, read like a student, and wrote like a student. Its going to take a while to get back in the groove, so I am planning on thinking of ways to prepare myself.

Step One: Finish the scholarship essay. This is a big test - haven't written for a grade (unless you count reports at work for a grade) since June.

Step Two: Crank up the reading. I've read some awesome books this summer so far, and I would like to continue reading, but maybe at a faster pace. This summer I've read Bridges of Madison County, Thousand Splendid Suns, God's Smuggler, and am now finishing up Total Abandon. All were intriguing and the latter three very inspiring, probably because they were more or less biographical in nature and shared the narrative of one's life.

I am a big fan of biographies - reading peoples life stories, including their successes and struggles. There is power in the story, and a recent article in Christianity Today agrees. The article shares about the power of biographies, especially as a spiritual practice. I think they are on to something, because whenever I read biographies, especially those of a spiritual nature, it is definitely edifying and usually leads to spiritual growth.

So therefore, I will continue reading biographies. Maybe I will mix it up with some theological and theoretical books, but we will see.

I am also excited to see the movie Precious, which is about a young woman who has lived an incredibly painful life but begins a journey from oppression to self-determination. It will be especially meaningful because I know people who remind me of Claireese.

And finally, I am hoping to increase postings as part of my writing exercises to prepare me for going back to school.

Keep me accountable ;)
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