Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rediscovering: Myspace Music

Somewhere sophomore year in college I decided to drop Myspace altogether and focus my social media energy on Facebook. It was a sensible shift considering most of my active "friends" on Myspace were middle school youth that I was mentoring. The bulletin was constantly flooded with meaningless spam. I was generally ready for the more mature trend.

But there was something that Myspace offered me that Facebook has yet to replace: Myspace music and the joy of discovering new music that I actually liked.

The other day I was looking for a new CD to play in my car and found one I made in 2008 with songs I discovered on Myspace music. When I got home later that night I just had to revisit some of those artists on Myspace and see what they have been up to. Of course then I found some more artists that I now like and will be making a mix CD with.

Some that I enjoyed and will continue to enjoy:

Amber Rubarth, Angel Taylor, Hope, Mozella, The Weepies
, Barry Louis Polisar

And in honor of my favorites from the early days - Mika's Relax Take It Easy:

Warning: seeking music on Facebook may result in countless hours spent discovering more musical talent than practical time in a day to listen to.

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