Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I never knew I enjoyed watching and listening to birds until we moved to Avalon Park this August. Since our move, I have seen more varieties of birds daily than I have in my life combined. Previously, I never understood bird-watching as a hobby, and when I heard Radiolab's story of Michigan's attempt to save the Kirkland warbler, especially at the cost of a human's life, I rolled my eyes.

Yet, every morning when I walk to my car and see a rich blue Stellar's Jay or an American Goldfinch, I praise God for creating these beautiful little creatures that are so delicate. For a second I can even imagine myself getting up early to go watch them in their natural habitat, stirring around and doing their thing. Lately though, they have been making fewer appearances.

They will be missed this winter. But until then, they can fit into the little things of life:

Bird Perched on a Branch Necklace

Retro Birdie Slim Wallet


Flock of Birds Scarf

With all the amazingly adorable bird-stuff out there, it is clear I am not the only one who enjoys birds.

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