Thursday, October 14, 2010

How Ever Do I Decide?!

Election season is upon us and it is usually daunting. So many conflicting messages from candidates who are more interested in pointing out their opponents flaws than sharing their strengths and action plans when they take office. I usually end up skimming the voter pamphlet while eating cereal in the morning and then make random decisions based on what I feel like at the moment because, how much impact could a candidate make anyways, right?

Working in city government has taught me that candidates and their perspectives can and do make a difference in many ways. Government leaders set the tone for what is accepted and how cities are run. Although there is a large bureaucracy, elected officials do set priorities on funding and programs that directly affect the public. Who knew - it actually matters. That is why this year I am excited to have come across the Oregonian's Voter Guide.

The Oregonian's Voter Guide lets you compare candidates and measures side by side, in simple language. The effects of each measure are clearly stated and candidates answer the same questions, so you can get a clearer perspective of what's at stake. You can also narrow in on races that are specifically in your area and bypass the headache of trying to figure out which district you live in and what issues actually apply to you.

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