Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Brilliant: Urban Outfitters Apartment

I was browsing through Urban Outfitters the other day and came across some things that made me chuckle thinking "who thought of that?! its brilliant!" Of course when you come across such things, its impossible to keep them to yourself - so here you go!

Raining Cats & Dogs Shower Curtain - Who would have thought?!

Yes, I may be slightly biased because of my Russian heritage, but this Matryoshka Bath Mat would be unique touch to a bathroom.

This Owl Letter Holder makes even the dullest of mail look like it has its proper stylish place. Such a needed creation!

Of course looking at all of these awesome home stuff makes me wish I had more rooms to decorate or more friends getting their own place and having house warming parties. Good thing the holiday's are just around the corner. . .

1 comment:

Katie Bright said...

I don't have Russian heritage, but I definitely love that rug! It's adorable!!! :)

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