Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Love: Robots

It is National Novel Writers Month and David is writing 1,500 words a day towards what is becoming quite an interesting sci-fi, Matrix meets Brave New World type novel. This writing opportunity is great for him, and being the sociologist and technophile that he is, it only makes sense that he is incorporating technology and the social science elements into his writing.

Thus, in the spirit of fusing technology and social science:

The most adorable robot necklace I have ever seen from Marolsha. Reminds me of my little brother's lego guys, except its somehow cute enough to wear.

And what about Thomson. His body is made of the Thomson Recording Wattmeter from the early 1900's, with Baby Brownie camera eyes and a voltmeter mouth, legs of retired fire hose nozzles and freezer door handles arms, he is definitely a work of art.

And in case you forgot, Ninja's and Robots are still friends.

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