Thursday, November 18, 2010

Addicted Much?

Perhaps this is a warning to myself, but I can't help but notice the growing impact of internet addictions, especially those to social media, like the Florida mom who lost control and killed her own baby. Of course most of us will deny that we would ever be pushed to that limit, but have we come close?

Does this cheesy video look familiar?

I'll admit, I've been there. There being the place where upon sitting for hours on social media, any interaction with a live person becomes a nuisance. I'm sure I've snapped a fair share at my little brothers unfairly because I was "in the zone" of the internet. And even now, sometimes I catch myself.

I was excited to see Holiday Matinee mention Hamlet's Blackberry, a book that shares practical advice on how to manage all the connectedness and how to disconnect once in a while. I'll definitely be picking this one up.

Technology isn't evil, but achieving a healthy balance can be challenging. How do you set your boundaries? Are you happy with the amount of face time vs. tech time you get?

I liked how Sarah from Her.Meneutics put it:

"When God created man to desire companionship, he didn’t take a rib and turn it into a Wi-fi signal. He took Adam’s rib and turned it into a living, breathing creature who could hug, touch, comfort, and even intuit emotion in its fellow inhabitants. I don’t think that means God frowns on technology like computers or phones. Social media facilitate most of our relationships and can even deepen some of them. But God’s intentions for humans call us to be purposeful about preserving face-to-face relationships — and stopping virtual addictions before they start."

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