Monday, March 14, 2011

Lessons from the Shamrock

(Photo via Evan Pilchik Photography)

This Sunday, David and I, along with 75,000 other people ran the Shamrock Run.  The atmosphere was very festive, with live music and people dressed in their wacky greens.  In the 5k, we ran alongside 11,000 other people through downtown, greeted with encouraging live music at every mile post.

Despite the lively mood, something was missing, and I realized that this something is the most important thing and the reason why I run these races.  I run these races for the exhilarating feeling at the end of the race, when after 30 minutes of running as fast as humanely possible, I can just lay down and soak up the adrenaline.  It is a wonderful feeling, and (understandably) amidst these 75,000 people there was no room at the end to sit down let alone lay down.  We had to struggle to find some water and by then the mood for soaking it all in had passed.

But this confirms my appreciation for smaller races with 1,000 runners or less. The Stoller Vineyards Run was incredibly difficult, but at the end the view was marvelous and you actually felt connected with the other runners.  Same with the OktoberFest Run in Mt. Angel.

Excited for these April races: Race for the Roses and the Spring Burst - both are for great causes, and we've done the Race for the Roses last year, which was my first race ever, so it has a special place in our hearts.

Are you running this year? What is your favorite race? What makes for a good running experience for you?


Anna said...

When you run these races, do you do actual fundraising for the cause?

Elena said...

Our donation is usually the cost of our participation and/or personal donation. We haven't done any other fundraising yet.

Anna said...

Oh, I see. That makes sense.

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