Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Banned children's book worth reading

It's A Book by Lane Smith bluntly reminds us in our techno-consumed world the pleasure and simplicity of a book. A short snippet:

Seems like a timely and poignant lesson, but this book has stirred controversy amidst schools and literacy programs, forcing many teachers to avoid this book as if its the plague.  

Which raises the interesting topic of censorship and children.  What criteria do you follow in choosing what content to give your children or students to read? When choosing For yourself? Would you let your child read a book that has a questionable word in it if the message was overall profound? 

In any case, I think every adult should get their hands on Its A Book and read it.  Yep, its that good. 

On a similar note, Futura is playing at the Portland Center Stage.  Looking forward to seeing it next week. 

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