Monday, February 7, 2011

Last 5 Reads

I'm not an extraordinary reader like my husband, who is constantly eating up textbooks for pleasure.   It takes me a while to connect with a book, and if I don't connect right away, it may take me months to come back and finish it off. Yet somehow, as I was cleaning our apartment this weekend, I noticed a hefty stack of books on my nightstand. I looked through them and realized I had read all of them in the past several months.  Perhaps I am a reader after all.

They're quite a random selection of books, but hey, I'm a random kind of girl.   It's fun to re-visit these books and ponder on my feelings towards them.

The Best Stories of Fyodor Dosteovsky - Extremely awkward, but also explains so much about the Russian psyche.  As far as I can recollect this was the first book I've read by a Russian author, and boy is it a completely different experience.

The Shack - I can't believe it took me this long to read the book, but I'm glad I read it. It was very timely and reminded me of the intimacy and closeness I have with Papa - something that I needed to be reminded of.  If you haven't read it, I recommend it. If you've heard weird things about it and resisted reading it - stop resisting and just read it.  Eugene Peterson is right, it very well may be the Pilgrim's Progress of our time.

The Giver - Hated the ending, but definitely a book that can be discussed in a million different ways.  Even though somehow I managed to get away with not reading it until now, it makes sense why its a required reading in many schools.

Mennonite in a Little Black Dress - It was so fun to read a book that had references I understood!  I don't come from a mennonite background, but there were so many references to food and culture that I could simply relate to, which made it fun to read.  Made me laugh for sure.

Changing the Odds for Children At-Risk - Finally a book that looks at the educational system in a more constructive and positive way! Neuman's examples of what works, and why really made me think of programs in Portland and the need to be persistent in making sure the ones that have the qualities that work stay around because longevity is what makes greatest difference of them all.  SUN Service System must remain (and be implemented everywhere!).

What are you reading these days? Any recommendations?


Anna said...

I'm reading Ishmael by Daniel Quinn just so I can argue about it with my brother. I disagree with so much in it, but there are a few valid points here and there, and it is thought-provoking.

I recently read What's Math Got To Do With It? by Jo Boaler about math education. It was very good.

Oh, and I agree that The Shack is very good.

Elena said...

Anna, I've heard of the What's math Got to Do With It book! Who would you say is the target audience for it? I heard it is a good one to get people motivated in doing math.

Anna said...

I'd say the target audience is teachers who teach math and parents who have kids in school and want their kids to get a good math education. It is very useful to me in my homeschooling, too. If you did not like math or thought you were bad at it or are interested in math education as a topic, then I would recommend reading it.

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