Thursday, February 10, 2011

Love: Valentines day

I am a sucker for Valentine's day. Perhaps its because my first Scholastic book order was for a Valentine doily art project.  Or that in 4th grade I had a secret admirer who showered me with gifts leading up to Valentine's day and then leaving me a "Will you go out with me, check yes or no" message on the day itself.   Or perhaps the greatest reason of all: eating chocolate to my hearts content - no guilt allowed. 

Regardless, once again I am excited.  I'm making heart shaped brownies for a ladies night this weekend, and am fully prepared to wear my red tights on Monday.  

I hope my wonderful cousin Kat will make her delicious Devil's Food cake, comparable to, if not better than this one.   

And if I had more time, I would make these heart shaped tea bags for all my tea drinking friends and family.  Life got busy this month, but perhaps next year. 

Have a great Valentine's weekend friends! 

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