Monday, February 28, 2011

Seattle Weekend

This past weekend David and I enjoyed a little trip to Seattle.  We stayed at the 11th Avenue Inn, a "charming 1906 bed and breakfast" according to their website - it was everything they claimed and more.  The hospitality was great - breakfast, one of my main requirements, was delicious, and the room was perfect.  Location was super convenient - an easy and interesting walk to Pike's Place Market along vibrant Pine or Pike Street.  If you're going to Seattle and need a cozy and convenient place to stay, I definitely recommend staying at the 11th Avenue Inn.  If you're a practical person, just the amount of money you will save on parking should be enough reason to stay here. 

It was a typical Seattle day in February, cold, windy and wet, but it was beautiful.  Seattle has some amazing architecture, futuristic, gothic, Victorian you name it, they have it.  Their library was definitely something special - never seen anything quite like it.

Our adventures included the obvious - Pike's Place and the Space Needle.  But we also found some pretty awesome local treats, including Area 51, a modern furniture store, and Pinto Bistro, an ambient + delicious Thai and Japanese restaurant.  Of course we found ourselves in the middle of a protest, but that made for some interesting people watching moments.

All in all, great weekend and definitely made me realize just how many treasures there are so close to home.  Rich history, culture, and discovery may be in our own backyard.  Fairy Doors and Wanderlust knows what I'm talking about.  I'm looking forward to discovering the gems in Oregon and the Northwest in the coming years.

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