Tuesday, January 25, 2011

February crafts

Can't believe February is lurking around the corner.  I've already come across way too many cute things I want to make, so I've already set a date on the calendar to get crafting.

Here's what I'm making this month:

Yarn Love

Postage Stamp Coasters

And a jewelry organizer, inspiration courtesy of Craft Warehouse.

I'm excited to start working on these projects for a few reasons:

1. Being a student, especially in the program that I am in, everything is theoretical, so its exciting to produce something tangible with my own two hands.

2. Home gets a little update and I get the claim of "making it myself" - such a rewarding feeling!

So I'll definitely be staying busy while its gloomy and rainy outside.   How are you spending your gray February?  Are you working on any projects?

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