Thursday, February 24, 2011

Married for a Mission

"One of the missing ingredients of couples today is they do not have a mission; they do not have a sense of God having called them together to do something as a couple." - Dennis Rainey, marriage expert

I recently came across an article that attempts to answer the question: What's the Point of Marriage?  The article follows the story of a couple and their marriage journey.  They soon realize that it is when they looked outside of themselves, and worked together in ministry to God did they became stronger as a couple.  

I totally agree with this point, especially reflecting on the bonding David and I shared in ministry with Night Strike and Compassion Connect - those were pivotal building blocks in our relationship.  The reminder of course is to never stop working together in ministry, even when it isn't so obvious what the work God is calling us to is.

Counselor James H. Olthuis writes, “To try to keep love just for us ... is to kill it slowly .... We are not made just for each other; we are called to a ministry of love to everyone we meet and in all we do. In marriage, too, Jesus' words hold true: in saving our lives we lose them, and in losing our lives in love to others, we drink of life more deeply."

Now that we are in a less defined context for ministry, we must prayerfully be conscious of the many opportunities to serve that exist all around.  Such a good reminder:

"He has placed you in your home, your family, your work, your church, your neighborhood and has said, in essence: "All this is yours. I'm giving you a mission together to care for the people around you. It's a big job, and you'll need each other. Together, join hands and make a difference."

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Katie Bright said...

Great post Elena! I feel like Landon and I are on that same journey of discovering what our ministry together might look like. And it certainly does bring a certain epicness back to marriage...that we are not just two people, but two people with a joint purpose, which I think is lacking in so many marriages these days. Xo, Katie

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