Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Favorite Show: Parenthood

Primetime tv is usually filled with pointless promiscuity and unnecessary violence.  A lot of lust and very minimal quality content, seldom (if ever) does it address any thought-provoking, real life issues that are important in our society.

Parenthood is different.  This fictional drama explores the daily challenges faced by a realistically portrayed family (you wont find any sitcom stereotypes here) and explores important issues in todays world. The issues are explored with respect and range from autism, alcoholism, responsibility, commitment, and beyond.  Each episode follows the challenges family members are facing individually as well as how these challenges interweave and affect others in the family.  Characters are well developed and although there may be some profanity or sexual scenes, they are not there just for the sake of it.  This show is rich with meaning and purpose, and gives a realistic picture of the complexity of personal, family, and work life - how decisions affect ourselves and those around us.

Overall, I think this is a worthy show - I've seen every episode of Season 2 so far and continue to be impressed.  It's definitely one of my favorites of all time.

Watch it here and see for yourself.

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