Friday, January 14, 2011

Singularities, Single Spaces, & Seedfolks

This week has been pretty intense.

Even though its 2011 and we don't have civilians with flying cars, technology has been becoming an even bigger part of our life and after hearing The Singularity: Humanity's Last Invention segment on NPR, I am honestly a tad freaked out.  Generally I embrace the benefits of technology and am not too cautious - but this week when I heard Martin Kaste discuss the reality of artificial intelligence multiplying in its intelligence and potentially becoming a threat to humanity, images of all those apoccalyptic Matrix and 1984 horrors started filling my mind.  We are closer to such an invention than ever before - don't you think its time we slow down a little?

I also read Paul Fleischman's Seedfolks, which was timely as its a story about an inner-city community in Cleveland that blossoms as its members slowly decide to plant in the neighborhood rundown empty lot.    The story was inspiring and reminded me of the many beautiful community moments at my previous apartment complex.  I miss that place a lot and hope to engage similarly where I am now.  Perhaps getting connected with a community garden in Tigard would be a good place to start... I will keep looking.

Finally, the intensity of the week concludes with David sending me the article that has finally convicted me of my writing sin: the double space.  Writing and typography snobs will agree that single space is the way to go.  I have without conscious thought have been typing double space my whole life and believed it was better.  I can't break the habit, but I will be giving it a shot - after this post. Wish me luck!   

Here's to a great simple weekend doing simple things!


Katie Bright said...

Ahh! I heard the NPR artificial intelligence story too...and I was also a little freaked out. And to be honest, I couldn't completely wrap my head around everything, but I was still freaked out nonetheless. :) Let's hope it's a long way off, whatever it is. Xo, Katie

Elena said...

The scariest thing for me is that whether or not we will allow this to happen is somewhat out of our hands. And the part that is in our hands...well, I can't imagine cutting it out! Yikes!

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