Friday, December 26, 2008

Angels in the Snow

It doesn't always snow in Portland, but when it does people tend to have this amazing spirit of helping each other overcome the great white beast.

I have come to realize this after living on a steep hill, where we have seen some pretty nasty car pile-ups due to ice and snow, and pretty amazing people helping whenever they can.

But after this Christmas, I know that it isn't just our neighborhood - its Portland.

Allow me to illustrate - Christmas Eve - I was going to David's family's Christmas Eve service on trecherous thawing roads. At one point our little white Pontiac Grand Am spun out of control, nearly falling into a ditch, and getting stuck in the snow. We were half way across the street when a random person jumps out and starts pushing us, only to disappear as soon as the car moved an inch.

Then later that night, as David and I were going home, we knew the Pontiac would not be able to make it up the steep hill, so we parked at the bottom and decided to hike up. Before we could even begin the incline, a man on an SUV appears and offers us a ride. Apparently, he has been giving rides to over 20 people that day and helping tow others throughout the recent storm!

Christmas morning, we started our journey down the hill to our parked car when a person from church just happened to be driving by! We waved him down and he gave us a ride to the bottom of the hill!

On the way back from church, as we were trying to make our way up a hill, a neighboring man eagerly gave his shovels for our use, and even lent a hand.

This is what Christmas is all about, eh? Being there for your neighbor, with no need for anything in return, just simply loving and lending a hand.

I think this has definitely been a memorable Christmas, not just because of the chaotic snow, but because of the amazing spirit of the people - whatever compelled them to help and come out of the usual shell, may that continue to grow throughout the year and into years to come!

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DK said...

I love the concluding paragraph!

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