Monday, December 15, 2008

Last Week!

Last week was absolutely amazing - from Sunday to Saturday, an absolute blessing moment after moment! Many great things have happened, new milestones reached, and inevitably announcements that must be made.

First, great news - I finished Fall term 2008. It was brutal term - my first attempt at working full-time and going to school full-time, but praise GOD I survived and am ready to take on the next term. :) Only 5 terms to go!!

The next milestone of life is my great age - I have reached the infamous 21. It was a great time indeed. This year I was fortunate enough to celebrate it twice, first at Barberry Apartments doing arts and crafts with kids and friends, and then at Pambiche in NE Portland. Pambiche has amazing Cuban cuisine - thank you Oksana for suggesting it. Their website also has great music, which did greatly influence my decision to go there (along with their colorful archecture).

And last week concluded with the most wonderful, biggest decision of life events - I got engaged! It was the greatest galactic explosion yet, and there is plenty more to come. :)

Overall an exciting week that didn't simply end. The fun continues as we are snowed in and the city continues freezing. I had the day off today, and am wondering if the same will be for tomorrow...

And all of this BEFORE Christmas! I don't imagine life can get any better :)

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