Saturday, January 3, 2009

Cost of Snow

Everyone wishes for a white Christmas, and this year Portland got it! And for some reason not too many people are rejoicing and shouting with glee - finally. Instead, many are muttering under their breath about the many potholes and ruined streets as a result of the storm and driving on them. It was a great year, and I did enjoy the snowy break - made for a nice break and some creative driving experiences, but the department of transportation is not rejoicing.

For a city that mainly deals with rain this time of year, the unprecedented week and a half long snowstorm caused for some hefty costs - Portland spent $2 million to de-ice, plow, and keep the roads cleared (and people still complained, geesh! give big brother a break! :P) which will only be added to the $422 million maintenance backlog and $500 million deferred paving backlog.

Yep, snow for Christmas is nice, but at these prices, will we continue dreaming of a white Christmas?

I will ;)

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