Thursday, November 13, 2008

Rock'n'Roll on the Radio

I heard this song on the radio yesterday as I was driving to work. Immediately I fell in love with the beats and was bobbing my head, trying to sing along to whatever words I could catch, hoping the dj would say who was singing it. And to my pleasant surprise -- they did! Rock N Roll by Eric Hutchinson was the song that rocked my commute.

I was drawn to the chorus of:

'Cause If she wanna to rock she rocks
If she wanna to roll she rolls
She can roll with the punches
Long as she feels like she’s in control
If she wanna to stay she stays
If she wanna to go she goes
She doesn’t care how she gets there
Long as she gets somewhere she knows'

Sounds free spirit, untrammeled and free, doesn't it? I mean, who wouldn't like a song like that? It speaks to the free spirit in all of us, just wanting to go with the flow and not have anything to worry about...getting from point a to point b, somehow, who care's how, but moving along.

When I got home, I looked up the lyrics and at first cringed, as the song sings about a man going to the club, getting ready to tell lies and do whatever it takes to get him what he wants, as well as the woman doing similarly in the next stanza (or what do you call those things for songs?)

I wondered, could I still like this song? It took me a total of 20 seconds (rough estimate) to realize that yes, I can still like this song. Why? Because the lyrics speak true to our human experience. Us humans are peculiar. We have needs, and we do what it takes to attain them. Our needs vary depending on where we are in life. But there is something about wanting to be loved and feel in control, but not in a stressful way. A need to just be without any restrictions.

This has its repurcussions and no doubt can become a dangerous need, but I think God still made us this way.

Now you ask why? Shouldn't we have it all together?

No way. God doesn't want us to have it all together, with perfection figuring out every little detail of life and making sure it makes perfect sense. If we could do that on our own, what would be the need for Him?

I believe God wants us to give that need over to Him. He wants to love us and direct our paths. He says, "lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge him, and he'll make your paths straight."

Focus on Him, and He'll get you from A to B and even to Z.

Of course, this surrender is not without sacrifice.

But we will learn about that later. For now enjoy the song :) Because I will definitely be listening to it for at least the next few days.

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