Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Feeling Poetic

Actually, I really don't feel like doing any homework right now. Got 2 assignments out of the way, and now there are a bunch more - larger ones that I can't wrap my mind around completing or starting.

Yes, I am stalling for time. And now I will write.

We stall.
Stand still.
Don't move or make a sound
With our fist we may pound
Things must get done
Change come
Yet stall.

Easy to make suggestions, talk
But somehow when it comes to the walk
We stall.

Something is always in the way
The time's not right
Preliminary battles we must fight
A million things instead
Stand still.

Putting pen to paper
Letter to the press
I would rather take longer to dress
Create a bigger mess
In the end, do less
Who are we trying to impress?
Stand still.

Change only comes
By action
Nike said just do it
What if we got to it?
Stand still.

That is not His will
To stand still
We are called to move
One may say groove
To the rhythm of His heart
Love and action we impart
With grace and peace we move
Flowing from one to the next
No stalling.

1 comment:

DK said...

Beautiful! I love your poetry!

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