Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Kind of Coupon

I confess - I am a lover of bargains and free stuff. But really, who isn't?! Some people are really good at this and take it a serious level - clipping coupons and saving bank left and right, which someday I hope to be proficient in as well - but in the meantime, clipping coupons remained a fantasy.

UNTIL I came across the new kind of coupon that I could definitely roll with..

Believe it or not, but if you text the word "Roasted" to 74700 you will get a free roastburger w/ purchase of drink coupon sent right to your phone. No catch - just show Arby's your text message and you will get your free burger.

David and I took advantage of this the other day, and boy did we LOVE the Roastburger. This is definitely a deal worth trying.

And please, spread the love.

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