Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Day of Rest

Sometimes I think God uses illness to slow us down and give us the break we need, but don't let ourselves have. In this busy world where doing as many things as possible, producing as much work, being productive is a key value, it is easy to just overload and not think about taking things slow and spending time with loved ones.

I admit - these past weeks, months, I've been reckless. My time spent at my family's house consisted in mornings and nights, in an out, no time to talk or spend time with my parents or brothers. Granted we would catch each other in the mornings or before bed, but I have really gotten out of sync of the daily routine. Of course, getting married in 93 days, I suppose it is time for me to start the transition, but I also find myself nostalgic for family moments.

And thus, during my 24 hour stomach bug, I got out all of our family pictures and began working on the scrapbook of my youth. Of course, one could argue I could have done much more productive things with my time (akawork on one of the 3 or 4 essays I have to write due next week), but I am pretty happy with my choice to do something leisurely, for once :P

Looking at all the pictures, my brothers and mom came in the room and we reminisced of the days of old. It was a lot of fun looking at our life transition, coming to America, living with a huge backyard, moving to the suburbs, growing up.

Reminiscing. It was great. But it also spawned great conversation on transitions and seasons of life. Life is constantly moving. It never stands still. There are times we really like, that are very comfortable, and we wish we could stay in them forever. Too bad. The beautiful of life is that it is constantly changing - God never lets us stay too comfortable for too long. He likes to mix things up, push us to reach greater heights. We can't be receivers forever, there comes a time to give, and then when we gave all we have, we receive again. Its beautiful.

And thus, the Circle of Life:

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