Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth day thoughts..

Incomprehensible beauty surrounds me as I drive down I-84
What for did God choose to bless us Oregonians with the gorge?

The sunrise awakens the city
The rain refreshes the land
The suns rays cover the city with warmth and light
At night the stars sparkle and moon shine with peace.

Yes, there is pain and a lot of hurt in this land
Many people hungry, crying, slowly dying
But the majesty of the Lord beckons with each sunrise
Each sunset, in its wonderful array of colors sings God's love for us.

We are spoiled, blessed beyond measure by the God who loves
And with His love, He gave us the gift of His creation
Not to worship, but to adore
And find joy in the intricacies of God's creativity.

This Earth day, and all days of the year, I encourage you to look outside and see the beauty. See the beauty and see the Creator who made the beauty.

How does it feel?

I cannot adequately describe the beauty, the majesty of God in His creation, but Praise God for it!

And in celebration of God's awesome imagination in His creation, why not drink a Jones Soda!

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