Monday, January 12, 2009

Tips for a wonderful dentist experience..

If you are anything like me, then visiting the dentist is not a time of fun and relaxation. If anything, it is stressful, tense, and generally awkward and uncomfortable. When I found out I had to get a root canal with no nitrus, I nearly had a heart attack. But thankfully, with some good tips, and of course prayer, the experience was painless and actually quite relaxing.

Here is what I believe makes for a good dental experience.

1. A friendly dentist with whom you connect. Look into their eyes, if they can give you good eye contact, smile, and show sympathy for your dental phobia, awesome! If they can make you sigh a sigh of relief and feel that you can survive, even better!

2. IPod. It is probably a scientific fact that the sound of the dental drills increasee anxiety, so bring something to distract from the eeiry sound. Only you know what tunes give you a sense of relaxation, so turn them up!

3. Sunglasses. There is no need to look at what the dentist is doing, those sticks and drills, needles, etc, are freaky. Just close your eyes, put on them shades and listen to your tunes. Remember, the dentist has compassion, it was written all over their face :)

4. A blanket. Many people get cold in the dental office and they do have blankets in stock. Not only do blankets give warmth, but they also provide for a sense of security, that will calm your anxieties.

5. And finally, take some Valerian herbs. These herbs are awesome - all natural, and will calm your nerves. Take it a little bit before the procedure and mixed with all the above, you will feel like you are taking a nap, even though there's a construction site in your mouth. Plus, it has no side effects.

Thanks to all my friends, mom, and dentist for helping me have a wonderful dental experience! And the noodles were perfect! ;)


DK said...

Brilliant! Makes me excited for my next dentist appointment!

DK said...

Could of you picked a worse picture!?

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