Friday, September 10, 2010

Community Steps Up To Save Music Program

I was driving home today and heard yet more on the spiraling economy and the many programs that continuously have to be cut in order to make the budget work. It is very heart breaking when you hear community centers and schools having to close programs that are so dear to their communities.

Its true, the economy is in shambles and important programs are being cut all across the board. Thats a fact. The question is, how do we respond? Some panic and complain, saying the world is coming to an end and the results of these cuts will leave a generation in ruins, others nonchalantly just say it was coming and they should have known. There are so many different ways to approach these times.

As a community organizer and one who enjoys seeing people coming together to solve big issues, I was very happy to see how the music community in Portland stepped up to save Jefferson High School's music program. It took some thinking outside of the box, and you know what - its beautiful! How amazing it is seeing people who are not government, but rather citizens who are dedicating their time and talents to make music happen. Unconventional ways to make important things happen, and probably even better than they were before. I love it - it is exciting and inspiring.

What would happen if you took your passion seriously and full force? What kind of change and impact could you accomplish if you got together with others who shared your vision? Imagine...

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