Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Book Review: No Compromise: the life story of Keith Green

Keith Green was an incredibly INTENSE man. And I had to write that in capital letters because that is exactly what he was. He was always on a quest to find spiritual meaning, whether it was through drugs or sex or any sort of cult, he was all or nothing. Through his spiritual journey he comes across Jesus and decided to follow him. With his totally devoted personality, he starts to realize that Christian's aren't necessarily totally devoted. He sees a lot of holes and is perplexed. Instead of this driving him away from Christ, this does quite the opposite and he commits to loving and sharing the gospel with everyone he meets. Giving rides to hitchhikers just so he could strike up a conversation and opening his home to wounded people with no home was a regular act for Keith. Reading his story, written by his wife Melody, I couldn't help but get uncomfortable at the way he lived his life - how completely sold out he was to following Christ and how he continuously sought to bring others to Him. It was strange, but I felt convicted. Some may say I'm a little off the wall or somewhat radical, but I am nothing compared to Keith Green. His sense of urgency to share the gospel with people and live completely devoted to the cause is something that I have yet a ways to grow in.

If you're looking for a book that will make you uncomfortable, convicted, and inspired, this would definitely fit the bill.

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