Saturday, May 8, 2010

In honor of Mother's Day

I recently read an amazing article about Mother's Day and our cultural definition of motherhood. Several take-aways for me include - mother's are real people. They are women with feelings, aspirations, and passions that may go beyond taking care of the family. They have talents and gifts given to them by God, and they must be honored. I am definitely guilty for not appreciating my mother for her uniqueness and talents. I'm not even sure I know much more about her than what she does and the amazing love and sacrifice she gives to her family on a daily basis. As a wife, I have realized the importance and the longing to be more than just the identity of "wife" - we are born to long to be known - we want to be known for more than our roles, and I am certain mother's do to.

So this mother's day (and my desire is to continue this throughout the remainder of our life), I honor my mother, not just for her motherhoodness, for all the great things she does as a mother, but also for the unique person she is, created in the image of God.

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