Thursday, June 26, 2014

5 year anniversary, a reflection

This month we celebrated 5 years of adventures, laughter and hardwork together as a married pair.  It is incredible to reflect on all of the highlights and accomplishments during this stretch, and to imagine the possibilities the future may bring. 

We started out as young passionate local missionaries living in poverty and striving to build community in a rough place. This time was exciting, challenging and built a foundation of love and compassion of the human struggle. We were very idealistic and were proud of rejecting the American dream. It was wonderful. 

In our second year adult responsibilities called, so we moved to the other side of town to be closer to work. We wrestled with reconciling our desire to actively live our faith and at the same time fulfill our adult responsibilities. Our faith matured to see all life circumstances as opportunities to love and serve, regardless of the structure. 

Year 3 was brave - we bought a fixer upper. Having little to no skill in home repair or construction, we set off to figure it all out. It was hard. Physically, emotionally, spiritually. It was demanding and stretched us to the max. We faced our fears, learned new skills and realized that we are not invincible. 

Thus, year 4 was about finding time to relax and take it easy. Taking time to focus on our health, both physical and mental was crucial. Sure there were projects yet to be completed, but our priority was restoring ourselves. We learned to let things go and be okay with things as is, to pace ourselves and know our limits. 

This year we celebrated our 5th year and it is exciting to begin with all of the lessons of the previous under our belt. I have learned so much about the reality of hard work, construction, relationships and faith. I have grown in my appreciation and love for David, and I have discovered so much about myself - my limits, my buttons and what I am actually able to accomplish. I am so thankful for David's continued belief in my ability to learn new things and to push me past what I thought were definite limits. 

It is exciting to go into year 5 knowing that I have a partner who loves me despite my dark side, who believes in me more than I believe in myself, and who continues to discover new things with and about me. And likewise I feel fortunate to continue to be impressed with David's love for learning, stability, and dedication to do excellent work. 

I thank God for these years and am truly excited for what the next years will bring. It seems like if a couple can overcome home remodeling, they can overcome anything. :)

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