Saturday, October 22, 2011

The return...

Sitting in the car dealership waiting room, I found myself with a couple extra moments and beginning to realize, wow - have I really not posted anything since July 6th?  Slightly unbelievable, but then I remember all the millions of things that happened over the last 4 months...

1. We bought a fixer-upper house
2. I started a new job.
3. We bought a fixer-upper house

So basically, all free-time has been swallowed by survival mode living.  But now, things are finally settling down (or so I feel since I'm trapped in this surprisingly cozy waiting room) and I am excited to get back into writing and making note of all life's wonderful things.  

I am excited to start posting before and after photos of our house, because we are very close to having some decent "after" shots.

Until then, here are some images from my recent trip to the local farm... Isn't Oregon breathtaking?

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